Ball games and self-directed shifts

Autumn 2022

Calendar in PDF-format.

You can find the abbreviations of the facilities (e.g. HH, PS, etc.) on the Info page

Join the ball games shifts:

  • Buy the sports sticker. Please note that the sticker will show a day after the purchase. 
  • Register to each shift in advance in the registration system. First create a new account to the service, then log in and book a shift! Registrations can be done earliest seven days before each shift. Registrations must be cancelled at least 2 hours before the shift starts. You can see changes and cancellations of the shifts in the registration pages.
  • Be ready to show your sports sticker and a valid student / staff card in every shift. You will find your sticker here
  • Please see all the instructions before attending to the shifts for the first time.