uMove’s FAQ

You'll find answers to frequently asked questions on this page.

1)     I would like to buy uMove's membership from the webshop but I have problems buying / the membership doesn’t appear in the webshop. What should I do?

Please contact HelpJYU and report your problem on this form. You’ll get an answer from HelpJYU. We’re sorry about the problem!


2)     I'm trying to buy uMove's membership but there are problems while paying. What should I do?

The payment intermediary is Paytrail. If the payment fails, please contact Paytrail's customer service: Contact Us | Paytrail


3)     I would like to buy uMove's membership for students from the webshop but the only option in the webshop is a staff membership. What should I do?

Only one status can appear in the webshop at a time and the membership can be purchased with the status that is displayed in the webshop. The price of the membership is the same for everyone.


4)     Can I buy uMove's membership some other way than through the webshop?

Our membership is sold only through the webshop. The payment can be made via Paytrail as an online payment from a Finnish bank, by credit card or by MobilePay. The only exceptions are grant researchers who can only buy the membership from the university's main cashier.  


5)     I am a grant researcher and I’m not able to buy uMove's membership from the webshop. How can I buy the membership?

Due to the HAKA status of the university's grant researchers, it is not possible to purchase a mobile membership from the webshop. Grant researchers can purchase a physical membership sticker from the university's main cashier, in the T-building. There are no opening hours at the main cashier and the appointment to buy the membership is booked through HelpJYU with this form. Please be prepared to show the right to purchase the sports sticker at the main cashier.


6)    Where can I find the mobile membership after I’ve bought it?

The mobile membership can be found at the following address when you log in with your credentials:


I’ve bought uMove's membership and would like to join the classes but the mobile membership doesn't show up. What should I do?

Check the validity period of the membership. The membership can be purchased before it’s valid and the mobile membership is activated when the validity period begins. If this is not the case, then please contact HelpJYU and report your problem on this form. You’ll get an answer from HelpJYU. We’re sorry about the problem!


8)     I don't use a smartphone and since I'm not able to use the mobile membership. What should I do? 

You can get a physical membership sticker. First pay for the membership in the webshop. After that you can pick up the physical sticker for your student or staff card from JYY's central office or Rentukka's information desk. Take a payment receipt and a student / staff card with you.


9)     Why can't I log in to the booking system for classes and shifts (Enkora) with my university credentials?

Enkora is a separate booking system for classes and shifts and you first need to create a new user account before booking the classes / shifts. You can create an account with any of your e-mail addresses. Create your account here: Jyväskylän korkeakoululiikunta (


10)  I have bought uMove's mobile membership that is still valid, but my study right has expired and I can no longer open the mobile membership. What should I do?

The validity of uMove's membership expires at the end of the right to study when the university's IDs cease to function.


11)  The mobile membership on my mobile device freezes, what can I do?

The mobile membership may occasionally get stuck on a mobile device. In this case, refreshing or reopening the page will help.


12)  How do I use the gyms?

Monitoimitalo’s gym: On your first visit, buy a gym wristband (8€) from the janitor of the Monitoimitalo. The janitor loads the wristband for one semester at a time. You need to show a valid student or staff card and uMove's membership to the janitor. The wristband fee is non-refundable, and the wristband is valid as long as the sports sticker fee is valid.

Rentukka gym: For Rentukka gym, you need a valid student or staff card and uMove's membership as well as a key card. The key card can be picked up from JYY's central office at Ilokivi or from Rentukka's info desk. The key card is valid for the same period as your membership.  After that the card must be returned to pick-up location.


If you still have a question, please send us an e-mail: