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Member Benefits

Here you can find the benefits for our uMove members.

 uMove Singing Bowl Relaxations 28.11. & 7.12.

Come and take a break from your day to the wonderful singing bowl relaxation. You only need to bring yourself, comfortable clothes and maybe warm socks if you tend to get cold easily.


At the singing bowl relaxation you get to take a break from your day and let the relaxing vibrations of the singing bowls to calm you. You get to join by being our member and signing up to either session. This is a free benefit for our members only. Welcome!

Singing Bowl Relaxation 1 Tuesday 28.11.
at 14.00-15.00
Place: Ruusupuisto, RUU Lucina
Singing Bowl Relaxation 1 Thursday 7.12.
at 14.30-15.30
Place: Ruusupuisto, RUU Lucina