uMove Summer Open Doors 2.-5.5.2023

Welcome to try our our group fitness and ball game shifts free for a week! During this wee you can attend all the group fitness classes and ball game shifts without a valid sports sticker. Pick out classes you want to try and sign up for them in our registration system!

Come kick start the summer together at uMove!

uMove x Harjun Treenikontti Weightlifting Workshop

Welcome to the weightlifting workshop where you will learn the basics of snatching and the clean and jerk! They are both full body strength movements that also develop mobility and control. With Harjun Treenikontti trainers you get a safe first experience to weightlifting at the workshop.

The workshop will be organized at Harjun treenikontti if the weather allows. In case the weather is bad the workshop will be organized inside

Date TimeLocation
Sunday 28.5.15-18Harjun Treenikontti (according to weather conditions)

Price: 30€
Instructor: Martti Myllynen, physiotherapist
Maximum amount of participants: 8
(The cancellation policy is written in the registration form)