Gyms and swimming


All Academic Sports services are cancelled.

AaltoAlvari gym and swimming

Discounted prices are with a valid student or staff card of JYU. Other times you can use the gym and swimming pool with a normal price.

Mon-Fri entry 6-10 3,40€ includes swimming
Wed and Fri entry 15-17 4,80€ includes gym and swimming
Sat entry 10-12 4,80€ includes gym and swimming

Gym in building L

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 7.30-20

There is a gym instructor in staff's gym sessions. The instructor is every other week on Tuesdays and every other week on Thursdays. Instructor are Ella Nurmi and Netta Orava. 

Tue 14.1. Ella Warm-up
Thu 23.1. Netta
Tue 28.1. Ella
Thu 6.2. Netta
Tue 11.2. Ella
Thu 20.2. Netta
Tue 25.2. Ella
Thu 5.3. Netta
Tue 10.3. Ella
Thu 19.3. Netta
Tue 24.3. Ella
Thu 2.4. Netta
Tue 7.4. Easter Break
Thu 16.4. Netta
Tue 21.4. Ella
Thu 30.4. Netta

Gym in Monitoimitalo

Valid student or staff card and a sports fee.  Additionally you have to buy a wristband the first time going to the gym. The wristband costs 7 euros and you can buy it from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym.

Opening hours: 

Mon-Sun 8-22

Gym in Rentukka

Mon-Sun 7-23