Gyms and swimming


AaltoAlvari gym and swimming

You can enter to gym and swimming in AaltoAlvari by showing a valid student or staff card and season 2023-2024 valid membership.

Swimming and gym 4.9.-10.12.2023
Wednesdays at 15-17 membership discount price 2,50€
Saturdays at 12-14 free of charge for members

Swimming 4.9.-10.12.2023
Tuesdays at 6-10 membership discount price 2,50€ (gym is closed in the morning)

The shifts are on break during the week 42.

Gym in Monitoimitalo

Valid student or staff card and a sports fee.  Additionally you have to buy a wristband the first time going to the gym. The wristband costs 8 euros and you can buy it from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym.

Opening hours: 

Mon-Sun 8-22

Gym in Rentukka

Mon-Sun 7-23

Gym in building Liikunta 

Gym is for the students and staff members of the university, no uMove membership needed.

Opening hours Mon-Fri at 7.30 am - 8 pm. You can use the gym when there are no reservations. 
Gym reservations can be seen either by scanning the QR code next to/near the gym door with your phone or online via the On the map, select Liikunta (L), write "gym" in the space "hae tilaa" , and from the map that has opened, you can open the gym calendar.