Gyms and swimming


AaltoAlvari gym and swimming

Discounted prices are with a valid student or staff card of JYU. Other times you can use the gym and swimming pool with a normal price.

Wed entry 15-17 4,80€ includes gym and swimming
Fri entry 6-10 3,40€ includes swimming
Sat entry 10-12 4,80€ includes gym and swimming

Gym in building Liikunta

Gym in building Liikunta is closed due to the covid-19 situation. Only teaching lessons are arranged.

Gym in Monitoimitalo

Valid student or staff card and a sports fee.  Additionally you have to buy a wristband the first time going to the gym. The wristband costs 8 euros and you can buy it from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym.

Opening hours: 

Mon-Sun 8-22

Gym in Rentukka

Mon-Sun 7-23