Gyms and swimming


Gym in Monitoimitalo

Valid student or staff card and a sports fee.  Additionally you have to buy a wristband the first time going to the gym. The wristband costs 8 euros and you can buy it from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym.

Opening hours: 

Mon-Sun 8-22

Gym in Rentukka

Mon-Sun 7-23

Gym in building Liikunta 

Gym is for the students and staff members of the university, no sports sticker needed.

Opening hours Mon-Fri at 7.30 am - 8 pm. You can use the gym when there are no reservations. 
Gym reservations can be seen either by scanning the QR code next to/near the gym door with your phone or online via the On the map, select Liikunta (L), write "gym" in the space "hae tilaa" , and from the map that has opened, you can open the gym calendar.

there are reservations in the space, they will appear on an orange background in the calendar. A dark red base means that a gym is available. The "Limited" in the booking calendar means that bookings to the space are limited but the hall can still be freely used. 

AaltoAlvari gym and swimming

You can enter to gym and swimming in AaltoAlvari by showing a valid student or staff card and season 2022-2023 sports sticker.

Swimming and gym
Wednesdays at 15-17 discount price 2,50€
Saturdays at 10-12 free of charge

Tuesdays at 6-10 discount price 2,50€

Shifts are valid during  5.9.-11.12.2022.