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An academic year 60€
Autumn term 40€
Spring term (covers also summer) 45€
Summer term 20€

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An academic year 19.8.-9.12.2019
Autumn term 19.8.-9.12.2019
Spring term (covers also summer) 9.12.2019-12.4.2020
Summer term 13.4.-17.8.2020

Pay the sports fee as an online payment at

You will receive the receipt as an email attachment to your email inbox. In case you don’t want to use the mobile receipt, you can get a sports sticker for your student/staff card or certificate from the office of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) or from Rentukka info desk. 

Note! You have to be enrolled at your University before the payment.


Autumn season1.9.-31.12.2019, group fitness and ball games 9.9.-5.12.2019
Spring season 1.1.-30.4.2020, group fitness and ball games 7.1.-26.4.2020
Summer season 1.5.-31.8.2020


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If you are interest inf working as a group fitness or sports course instructor, please send us an e-mail and we contact you!


The sports sticker payment does not include any insurance so make sure that your own insruance covers the sports activities.