Updated schedules for group fitness classes, ball games and self-directed sessions!

Our group fitness classes, ball game and self-directed session have been updated for the end of the autumn season.  

There are some minor changes beginning from Monday, October 16. 

A couple of group fitness classes have been canceled for the end of autumn season due to the low number of participants.  


Ball game START-sessions starts in weeks 42 & 43. You are welcome to play at an easy level and have fun together. 

In the Jamk sports hall, you can join the ball game START session where it is possible to play different ball games.  

In addition, there have been facility and time changes for a few ball games. 


Check the updated calendars below: 

Please remember to register for classes and sessions in advance and cancel your participation in time to free up your place for others who want to. Classes, sessions, reservations, and possible changes can be found in ours registration system. 

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