Group fitness classes


Academic Sports group fitness calendar: 

Due to the covid-19 situation Academic Sports group fitness classes are arranged via livestream in spring term 2021. Some classes are being arranged outdoors in the end of spring term.

Group fitness

  • register to each class in advance here:
  • keep 2 meters social distance
  • use your sleeve while coughing
  • take care of the hygiene of your hands
  • if you have even minor flu symptoms, please stay at home
  • there is no mats provided to use in our classes. You can bring your own mat to classes.
  • equipment used in classes, such as weights and kettlebells are being cleaned up by users after use in the class room

Registering to classes

  • Participants need to register to classes in advance here:
  • First you need to create an account to the service
  • There is a limited number of participants in each class. The number varies from 6 to 20.
  • Please prepare to prove your right to use services in classes with a student or staff card and paid sports sticker.
  • Registrations can be done earliest seven days before each class
  • You can book maximum of three classes per day
  • Registration must be cancelled at least one hour before the class

Outdoor classes

  • Gathering to outdoor classes happens in the Campus field area
  • Outdoor classes are being arranged at any weather
  • You can borrow equipment from Academic Sports  storage in building Liikunta and return them after cleaning. Instructor will guide you how to get and return the equipment.

Online classes

  • Some of the group fitness classes are being arranged via live stream in private Facebook group. If you wish to join this group you need to provide a screenshot of your mobile sticker or a receipt from your sports ticker payment in our email ( and send a request to the Facebook group “uMove live”
  • Live stream classes are marked in the reservation system with the note "STREAM". These classes are only available online.