Prices and info


An academic year 60€ valid 1.9.2020-31.8.2021
Autumn term 40€ valid 1.9.2020-31.12.2020
Spring term 45€ valid 1.1.-31.8.2021
Summer term 20€ valid 3.5.-31.8.2021

The sports sticker fee includes group fitness, ball games, access to the Rentukka and Monitoimitalo gyms and to Yogobe online service.



Instructions to buying and confirming new Academic Sports sport sticker:

New Academic Sports sport sticker is available from 1st of June on. New sports sticker is easier to use for our clients and also easier for our instructors to confirm that the sticker is valid in the beginning of any Academic Sports class.

How to buy new Academic Sports sport sticker?

  1. Go to university webshop:
  2. Log in with your personal university account (JYU, JAMK or Humak) and choose the right product.
  3. Buy and pay – it is as easy as that!
  4. Mobile sports sticker will appear the day after the purchase

How to confirm the sports sticker for the instructor?

You can confirm that you have a valid sport sticker:

  1. Go to site:
  2. Log in and select the product
  3. An interactive sport sticker will appear on the screen. Colours of the sticker will change continuously so they are different every time you open the sticker. By touching the screen the colour and the direction of the animation will change
  4. NOTE! Mobile sports sticker will appear the day after the purchase

How to save the sport sticker to the start screen of your phone?

You can save the new Academic Sports sport sticker to the start screen of your phone, so that it is easy to find when needed.

  1. Open a browser, ex. Chrome
  2. Go to site: and log in.
  3. Press the three dot button on the right side of the address bar.
  4. Choose: “Add shortcut to home screen”


  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to site: and log in.
  3. Press the middle button at the bottom of the screen and choose “Add to Home Screen”
In case you can't use the mobile sticker, you can get a sports sticker for your student/staff card or certificate from the office of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) or from Rentukka info desk.


Who are entitled to use our services?


If you are interest inf working as a group fitness or sports course instructor, please send us an e-mail and we contact you!


The sports sticker payment does not include any insurance so make sure that your own insruance covers the sports activities. 


The University does not return sports payments. Sports payments and registrations for sports events do not have the right of withdrawal of 14 days as stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act. Therefore, the payments will not be returned. In compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 6, Section 16, Subsection 1, Paragraph 11, the Act does not apply to leisure services.


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