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Plogging 29.9. 

Come and do good at Plogging with uMove!

Plogging is a great combination of exercise and cleaning our nature. Plogging combines running and taking care of the environment.


The term "Plogging" comes from the Swedish language words jogging (same as in English) and plocka upp (picking up things). During the jog the idea is to walk and run and pick up trash as you go. This also adds natural muscle toning movements through the motion of reaching to pick up the trash. The plogging jog applies the ratio of the trash collecting and running depending on the amount of trash on the trail.

Come with us to do good and enjoy a fun event!

Event Details
Date 29.9.2023
Time 10-11.30
Place Gathering at the L-building lobby
Intensity You can choose to walk or run (sign up to Group 1 or 2)

The event is free of charge. No need for your own equipment. Gloves and trash bags are provided by uMove.

Remember to take outdoor sports clothes and weather appropriate clothes with you!

Contact person: Petteri Huikko 


uMove Plogging has two(2) different groups

Group 1: Walking (abt. 3–4 km trail).

  • Planned route: Seminaarimäki-Harju-Seminaarimäki

Group 2: Run/jog (abt. 6–7 km trail).

  • Seminaarimäki-Viitaniemi-Tuomijärven ranta-Harju-Seminaarimäki

Registration opens Monday 11.9. at 12pm  and ends 25.9. or until the event is full! Sign up here for either Group 1 or Group 2! NOTE: If you are completing the YLIY-course you can sign up to Plogging though Sisu and get a stamp on your participation card.


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