Ball games sessions

Ball games

Summer schedule is valid 2.5.-16.6. and 1.8.-25.8.

There are no instructor in the sessions. Dream Team members will check out the sports stickers and count the number of participants. All the sessions without a level (beginners or advanced players) are open for all.

How to attend

You can attend to our ball game sessions with a valid student or staff card and a sports sticker. Dream Team members check the stickers during sessions so remember to keep your card with you

Sport sticker fees

In spring 2017 you can participate in ball games with a combined sports sticker that costs 60 euros or group fitness and ball games sticker that costs 40 euros. Further information about the stickers and payment.

Sport facilities

Ball game sessions are arranged at the university sports halls or city sports halls.


Generally you need own equipment except in building L. There you can ask for equipment from janitors.

Locker rooms

There are lockers and showers for both women and men in every property. There are also saunas in building L (Mon-Fri 14-20). There are also lockers that you can use with a one euro coin. Don´t take your clothes or bags with you to the sports halls.


There can be cancellations, check valid sessions from the calendar above.


Participating in ball game sessions is a leisure time activity and therefore there is no insurance on behalf of Academic Sports.