Sport for staff


 Wellbeing services for JYU members

Information of the sports services of the JYU members in the autumn of 2021 can be found on Uno's JYU on the move page.

You can find information on the site e.g. the following services:

-          Two hours of weekly working time for physical exercise

-          BREAK PRO break exercise software

-          Academic Sports introductory classes

-          Gym shifts

Remember to check out other wellbeing services on Uno's Services for wellbeing skills development

 Gyms & swimming  

  • Gym in Agora (A105)
    Gym is located in the bomb shelter under the auditorium 1.
  • Gym in building Liikunta (L)
    Check more information at Gyms and swimming
  • Gym in Monitoimitalo
    Check more information at Gyms and swimming
  • Gym in Rentukka
    You can get a lisence card from the info of Rentukka next to the gym, if you have paid a sport fee. Gym is located in Kortepohja, Taitoniekantie 9.
  • Gym at the Training School (secondary school)
    Gym is open on Mondays at 4.30-8pm during autumn and spring semesters (entrance between 4.15-4.30pm). Address is Yliopistonkatu 1, door E2. Gym is not open during the matriculation examination. Gym is closed temporarily due to the covid-19 situation. Only teaching lessons are arranged.
  • Swimming
    More about swimming


Would you like a wider range of Academic Sports services?

  • All members of the work community can buy the sports sticker of Academic Sports in student price! With the sports sticker you have access to all Academic Sports services such as group fitness and ball games, as well as online services.