Instructions for the person responsible for a sports shift

1. You are not allowed to give the keys to another person.

2. Your electronic access key is updated to unlock the doors you need. Persons without access keys will get them from the janitors of Liikunta.
Access to the Liikunta building: through the side door next to the tennis court or through the leftmost front door
Gym hall doors: the access key is coded only for the door of the reserved gym hall
U gym hall: entry from the edge of the sports field

• You may check the availability of the facility from the Korppi calendar.

• You are allowed to use the facility only with the same users and for the same purpose it was originally reserved for (the shift is meant only for you, your family members, University employees and a possible external companion in case of racquet sports). You may use only the facility for which you have received the access right.


User instructions for exercise shifts

1. Do not leave any outer doors open and do not use any objects to keep them open. When leaving, ensure that all outer doors are locked.

2. Do not let in anybody you cannot identify for sure.

3. Use indoor shoes in the gym halls. You are not allowed to use outdoor shoes in the gyms (e.g. black sole sneakers leave marks on the floor).

4. Return equipment in its right place. Do not leave goals and balls on the floor – they have own places in each gym hall or close to it. The U gym halls have visible instructions (images in U1) on how to place the equipment.

5. In the U1 gym hall, equipment on the stage must be placed on the sides at the end of the session (not in the middle, because the instructors of group fitness classes need to use the stage). In the gym halls of the Liikunta building, equipment must be put back in its place.

6. You must exit the gym hall at the end of the session (e.g. you must change clothes and put equipment back during your own session or somewhere else than in the gym hall).

• You must turn off the lights when leaving (unless the next session starts right away).

• The number of the U hall users must be marked in the list on the noticeboard of the first-floor lobby.

• Ensure that all outer doors are locked when leaving.

• Shifts are invoiced in June/July.