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Recreational Sports Packages

Recreational sports packages are classes and sessions created by our collaborators. They are created for JYU, JAMK, and HUMAK work groups and study groups to be bought. They are complete packages with set prices that you can independently reserve though the info below. 

Get to know the packages below.

In case your group is in need of an instructor for different sports and can aquire a space for the class on their own, you can contact  korkeakoululiikunta@jyu.fi   and we will provide you a list of instructors to hire and the sports they can provide. Make sure you are capable of executing the lesson in the space you have reserved yourself and are able to pay the instructor the fee you settle with them.

Are you a collaborator looking to create a recreational sports package to be bought? Contact us and let's chat! 


CrossFit 40100 Get Familiar with Crossfit!


Class structure (60min) 
  1. Warm-up
  2. Introduction to the gym and the sports
  3. Technique learning (learning to do a couple exercises)
  4. Metcon -practice
  5. Cool-down
Class Info (60min)
Price 99€+vat. 
Language Finnish  (mainly), some parts possible in English
Max. number of customers Max. 12
Timing In the middle of the day or during the weekends
Reservations through CF40100 email no later than 24 before.

Well-Being à la Yarnanta

"At Yarnanta's yoga-,relaxation-, and barre classes you will get a full and effective mind-body experience that will relax you."


I offer barre-, relaxation-, body care-, and different yoga classes (hatha, yin, forest yoga, aerial yoga, beach yoga etc.) Contact me and we will mold a package fit for your group. Duration 60/90min

Session Info (60/90min)


159 (60min) / 199 (90min) + vat.
Language Finnish or English
Max. number of customers Max. 15
Address Yarnanta, Kauppakatu 1, Jyväskylä
Reservations : jarna.paalanenflyktman@gmail.com, p. 0404860718. No later than 1 week beforehand

Group Fitness by Klub1!

Happy and energetic group fitness for your group according to your wishes!

Package includes a private group fitness class of your choosing and you can get the shower and sauna spaces. 

Class Info 
Price 150€/h + vat 10%
Languages Finnish or english
Max. number of customers Max. 15/35 (depending on the studio, 25 for cycling)
Timing Before at 16 or Saturdays

Reservations: paivi.kivimaki@klub1.fi, as early as possible, no later than 1 week before

PadelAdder Fun with Padel!

Come have fun with your group!. 



1) Playing Session (1,5h)

Come and play freely with your group during the playing session. The price includes padel rackets and balls. 

Session info
Weekdays 6:00-16:00 10€/pers.(inc. rackets and balls)
Participant numbers 4-28
Weekdays 16:00-21:00 15€/pers. (inc.rackets and balls)  
Participant numbers 4-8


2)Teaching and playing (1,5h session of which 1h is teaching) 

Do you want to learn padel with your group? In this session you get a well-rounded teaching lesson included by the PadelAdder professionals! 

Session info (1,5h)
Timing Weekdays 6:00-16:00
Participant numbers 4-28
Price 17,5€/hlö (sis vuokramailan, pallot ja valmennuksen)  
Languages Finnish and English

Reservations: jaakko@padeladder.fi