How to register to the classes and ball games sessions?

This is how you register to the classes & ball games sessions:

  • Participants need to register to the classes in advance here:
  • Please note that you first need to create a new account to the service! (Otherwise you won't be able to log in.)
  • Registrations can be done earliest seven days before each class.
  • Registration must be cancelled at least 2 hours before the class starts - please remember to cancel your booking if you're not coming to the class. 
  • Please note that the classes of Klub1 are booked through Klub1 and  the classes of CF40100 are booked through CF40100. 
  • For the swimming + gym on Saturdays you don't need a reservation - just show you sports sticker + student / staff card at the front desk. 
  • Please be prepared to show your sports sticker + student / staff card in every class!
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