Academic Sports´ summer season 1.6.-31.8.

Gyms and swimming during summer 2020:

  • Gym in Monitoimitalo, Mon-Thu 8-21.30 and Fri 8-20
  • Gym in Rentukka, Mon-Sun 7-23
  • Gym and swimming hall in AaltoAlvari is open from 3.8.

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From here you can find more detailed information of the sports facilities.

Gym in Agora (A105)

Gym is located in the bomb shelter under the auditorium 1.

Gym in building Liikunta (L)

The gym is reserved only for the staff on Tuesdays at 2.30-4 pmThursdays at 7.30-9.45am. 
You can exercise on your own but there is also a personal trainer helping and guiding.
The personal trainer will be every other week on Tuesdays and every other week on Thursdays. Each session has a theme. The theme of the day starts on Tuesdays at 2.45 pm and on Thursdays at 8.30 am.

Tue 14.1. Ella Warm-up and core
Thu 23.1. Netta Upper body pulling movements
Tue 28.1. Ella Upper body pushing movements
Thu 6.2. Netta Lower body
Tue 11.2. Ella Bench press
Thu 20.2. Netta Squat
Tue 25.2. Ella Deadlift
Thu 5.3. Netta Warm-up and mobility
Tue 10.3. Ella Upper body pulling movements
Thu 19.3. Netta Upper body pushing movements
Tue 24.3. Ella Lower body
Thu 2.4. Netta Core
Tue 7.4. Easter break
Thu 16.4. Netta Bench press
Tue 21.4. Ella Squat
Thu 30.4. Netta Deadlift

Gym in Monitoimitalo 

You can use Monitoimitalo gym with a sports fee and a staff card.  Additionally you have to buy a wristband that costs 7 euros. You get the wristband from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym. 

You can get a lisence card from the info of Rentukka next to the gym, if you have paid sport fee. Gym is located in Kortepohja, Taitoniekantie 9.

Gym at the Training School (secondary school)

Gym is open on Mondays at 4.30-8pm during autumn and spring semesters (entrance between 4.15-4.30pm). Address is Yliopistonkatu 1, door E2. Gym is not open during the matriculation examination.


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