Gym in Agora (A105)

Gym is located in the bomb shelter under the auditorium 1.

Gym in Liikunta

The gym is reserved only for the staff on Thursdays at 7.30-9.45am. More information about gyms.

Gym in Monitoimitalo 

You can use Monitoimitalo gym with a sports fee and a staff card.  Additionally you have to buy a wristband that costs 7 euros. You get the wristband from the janitors at Monitoimitalo gym. Further information about the gyms.

You can get a lisence card from the info of Rentukka next to the gym, if you have paid a sport fee. Gym is located in Kortepohja, Taitoniekantie 9.

Gym at the Training School (secondary school)

Gym is open on Mondays at 4.30-8pm during autumn and spring semesters (entrance between 4.15-4.30pm). Address is Yliopistonkatu 1, door E2. Gym is not open during the matriculation examination.


More about swimming