Biking competition

Kilometer competition of biking is starting again in May 2019.  You can join to the University of Jyväskylä team with the code JYU2019 at . You can use also your old user name and password if you were in the same group last season.

This fun competition is open to everyone. The aim is to encourage people to bike short distances such as trips to work. By participating to the competition you can win biking themed prizes every month. Competition is free of charge.

The competition is organized by Pyöräilykuntien verkosto ry and Suomi Pyöräilee -campaign.

For further information (only in Finnish)


The staff of the university can take part to the orienteering competition of 6 races which are marked with F (=Firmaliiga). You get more information (only for Finnish) from the webpage of sport club  Suunta Jyväskylä.

The races are :

16.5. Härkösuo - Ladun maja
23.5. Kangasvuori - Hiihtomaa
30.5. Kinkoriutta
2.8. Touruvuori
8.8. Vaajakoski - Väärämäki
16.8. Tasanenkangas

Registration for the competition:
The races are free of charge for the staff of the university. You have to have your own Emit or you have to pay it yourself.