Cross-country skiing course for the beginners

on February 25 and 28, 2019 (Monday and Thursday) at 5-7 pm in Laajavuori

In the beginners course of the classic style cross-country skiing you will learn the basic skills, like balance, kick, slide, the use of pole, and their combination in good rhythm. These skills are essential for all kind of skiing. This course suits for absolute beginners and also for those, who already had skied before. The course fee is 10 euros. - You get ski boots, skiis and sticks from the Academic Sports.

We start the course if we get at least 10 participants. Anneli Mörä-Leino will be the instructor of the course.

For further information and registration:

Other courses

The staff can take part all the courses  (except for courses of FSHS).  





The staff can take part all the courses of University Sports (except for courses of FSHS).  


40 €, 3 classes

Wed 16.30-18
R 8.-23.3.

Intructor: Merja Mälkiä

Language of instruction is Finnish.

Registration starts 22.2.


Wed 16.30-17.30
Old banqueting hall of Harju, street: Sepänkatu 29.3.-24.5.


In this course you learn basics of the indoorcycling and you can improve your aerobic condition. You got great start for the summer cycling outdoors. Each session includes also some corepractices and strethcing. Course is suitable also for beginners.

Registration starts 2.3.


15 €, 5 classes

Wed 17-18
R 1.2.-1.3.

Intstructor: Eeva Kallio

Taiji is an old Chinese philosophy which includes idea of yin- and yang-forces. Taijiquan is martial arts form which uses this dualism in its principles. This short course focus on Yang-style taijiquan 8-style form, i.e. it does not include any practical fighting applications. You need warm and stretching  training clothes and shoes used for indoors sports. There is no prerequisite for the course, you can come as yourself and check if this suits to you. The teacher has 16-years long training experience in Jigotai Taiji-club ( for more info)

Language of instruction is Finnish and English.

Registration starts 18.1.