The 50th festival week of Academic Sports

The festival week from Monday 13th January until Friday 17th January

I welcome all students and staff members to start the year 2020 with the Academic Sports festival week.

Keijo Hämäläinen

Exhibition: 50 years of Academic Sports
“Joy of movement and sports since 1970”

The exhibition is open in the Liikunta building (3rd floor) from 14 January to 13 March.

Cheer up the University community – events from 13 January to 17 January

The programme includes, for example, knitting, crocheting, jogging, walking, ice pool swimming, stretching, snowman building, food, music and games.


Mon 13.1. at 8-16 Hope collection Liikunta, lobby Heli Niskanen, Sanna Harjula


Mon13.1. at 8-9 Knitting and music
Tilia Anneli Mörä-Leino, Annika Tammela


Mon13.1. at 14.00-16.15 Alexander technique L208 Anne Alanne


Tue 14.1. at 7.00 Jogging and walking Start in front of U2 Katja Sorri, Marja-Leena Laakso
Tue 14.1. at 7.30-8.30 Trail of silence
Start in front of C building Anneli Mörä-Leino
Tue 14.1. klo 8-8.45 Porridge for free
Belvedere, Syke, Uno
For the 70-80 first ones
Tue 14.1. at 8-8.45 Soppi shop popup C, lobby Tuula Markkunen
Ti 14.1 klo 8-16 Hope collection Liikunta, lobby Heli Niskanen, Sanna Harjula
Tue 14.1. at 11-11.30 Music by Puhkupillit duo
Lozzi Puhkupillit
Tue 14.1. klo 8-16 "The official hat day of the university" Overall in the university area Birgitta Nuolikoski
Use some kind of special hat the whole day.

Tue 14.1 at 14-16 Make the snowman (cancelled, because we don´t have snow)
Inner court of Sport laboratorium Mervi Matero


Tue 14.1 at 14.30- Ice pool swimming
Meeting in the parking place of street Taulumäentie 47 Tuija Kilpeläinen
Do registration in Korppi.
Tue 14.1 at 16.30-19 Board games for international and domestic students and staff  RUU Juho Salla Määttä
You can also bring your own games with you. If you want, feel free to bring something to eat to share.
Wed 15.1 at 8-16 Hope collection Liikunta, lobby
Heli Niskanen, Sanna Harjula
Wed 15.1 at 8-8.15 Streching Kvarkki Anneli Mörä-Leino
Wed 15.1. at 8-8.45 Porridge for free Piato, Kvarkki
For the 80-100 first ones
Wed 15.1. at 11-11.30 Music by Puhkupillit duo Piato Puhkupillit
Wed 15.1 at 15.00-17.15

Alexander technique

RUU E307 Katri Anne Alanne
Wed 15.1 at 16-18 Knitting and the exhibition of S building
S, Tissarin Sali Riikka Javanainen
Fri 17.1 at 18-19 Fun for the whole family
Liikunta, hall of apparatus gymnastics Arto Laukkanen, Anna Lee, Donna Niemistö


See the detailed programme (in Finnish) at

All activities are free of charge.

Nostalgic group fitness classes and ballgames (free of charge)

The programme includes, among other things, African dances, body care, muscle training, yoga stretching, step dance, floorball, lacrosse and korfball in Liikunta

Thursday 16.1.
11.00 Afro dance
16.00 Fysio gymnastics
16.00 Lacrosse
17.00 MuVe
17.00 Korfball

Friday 17.1.
11.00 Firming
13.00 Slide
14.00 Yoga stretching
15.00 StepDance
16.00 Floorball

See the detailed programme of group fitness and ballgame sessions.

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