Upcoming events


Upcoming events organized by Academic Sports of Jyväskylä. 

Workout-day 15.10.

Do you need help to your workout at the gym? We organize a workout -day on Tue 10 of October at 10am-3:30pm in Kortepohja gym of Rentukka.


10-11 small group counseling
11-12 ask the PT
12:30-13:30 small group counseling
13:30-14:30 ask the PT
14:30-15:40 small groub counseling

You can pre-registration for the small group sending an email to tiia.m.knaapi@jyu.fi. Put "workout -day" to a message`s title and your hopes with that small group. In that small group you will learn technique of the squat, bench press and pull up. / lat pulldown. You can participate if you are a student or staff member of JYU, JAMK or HUMAK. Language of the day will be finnish. The day is free for all.

Place: Kortepohja, gym of rentukka
Time: 15.10. at 9:30am to 3:30pm
Workout -day