Aerial yoga

39 €, 3 classes

Thu 16.30-17.30 ReadySetPole beginners 7.-21.2.

Instructor: Merianna Rossi

With the help of a soft  fabric yoga hammock, Aerial Yoga lifts traditional yoga asanas, the yogic postures, off the floor. Aerial yoga is essentially yoga that has been influenced by aerial acrobatics.
However, no acrobatic tricks or flips are included in the practice; the influence of acrobatics shows mainly in the use of the fabric.

The aerial yoga hammock opens new possibilities in practicing yoga asanas. It supports and distributes body weight, and allows gravity to help you relax and expand flexibility in a safe and comfortable way.

Registration starts on 24.1.

Ashtanga yoga

44 € (7 classes)

1. group Tue 16-17.30 R beginners 22.1.-5.3.
2. group Mon 16-17.30 R advanced 25.2.-8.4.


Back and neck exercises

free of charge, 2 classes

Only for those who are allowed to use the services of FSHS.

1. group Wed 14-15.30 YTHS 6.-13.2.
2. group Wed 14-15.30 YTHS 6.-13.3.
3. group Wed 14-15.30 YTHS 3.-10.4.

Instructor: Marko Hänninen, marko.hanninen(at)yths.fi

Active, rehabilitating training for taking care independently of lower back and neck-shoulder areas  problems. Course is organized in co-operation with FSHS.

Registration starts for the 1. group 23.1., for the 2. group 23.2. and for the 3. group 20.3.


Hathayoga in English

30 €, 5 classes

Wed 17-18.30 K 20.2.-20.3.

Instructor: Leasa Weimer

Practice your English while learning how to de-stress your mind and body with hatha yoga. An inviting class for the beginning student to learn the basics of yoga poses (asana) and healthy body alignment or for the more advanced student who would like to refine their yogic practice. Yoga is excellent for developing grace, flexibility, core strength, balance, muscular strength and stress reduction. Classes incorporate asana (poses), breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation techniques, and guided meditation, as well as knowledge about the yogic philosophy and the ancient sanskrit language.

Registration starts on 6.2.


Lower back gym exercise

no fee, 10 classes
Only for those who are allowed to use the services of FSHS.

Thu 14.00-16.00 KS 17.1.-11.4. (not 24.1., 14. and 28.2.)

Instructor: Marko Hänninen, marko.hanninen(at)yths.fi

The course is aimed at students who have had long term low back problems. The focus is to teach how to use safely abdominal and back muscles during different functional exercises. Course is organized in cooperation with the FSHS. 



Group 1: 38 €, 3 classes, group 2: 88 €, 10 classes

1.group Wed 16-17 K beginners 16.1.-30.1.
2.group Wed 16-17 K beginners 6.2.-24.4. (not 27.2. and 17.4.)

Instructor: Merja Kalaja

Registration starts for the 1. group on 2.1. and for the 2. group on 23.1.