Water and winter sports

Aqua aerobic

6-8 classes, 32- 42 € / depending on the group

1. group Fri 7.45-8.30 UH (25 m) 11.1.-1.3. 42 €, 8 classes
2. group Mon 15.45-16.30 UH 25 m) 7.1.-18.2. 37 €, 7 classes
3. group Mon 15.45-16.30 UH 25 m) 4.3.-8.4. 32 €, 6 classes
4. group Fri 7.45-8.30 UH (25m) 8.3.-12.4. (22.3. at 7.30-8.15) 32 €, 6 classes

Aqua aerobics in the deep water with different kind of equipment.

Instructors: Titta Kontro (groups 2 and 3) and Kaisa Ahvenus, Mimmi Turpeinen, Vilma Pikkupeura and Ida Tuina(groups 1 and 4).

Registration starts for the 1. group 28.12., for the 2. group 24.12., for the 3. group 18.2. and for the 4. group 22.2.

Breast stroke and free style

33 €, 4 classes

Wed 19.45-20.45 UH (25m) 6.3.-27.3.

Instructor: Ida Tuina

This is for the swimmers, who can swim at least 200 m and have good basic skills.

We meet by the swimming pool. (You have to take a shower before that)

Registration starts on 20.2.


Cross country skiing

28 €, 3 classes

1. group Tue-Thu 17-18.50 Laajavuori classic style beginners 29.-31.1.
2. group Tue-Thu 17-18.50 Laajavuori classic style advanced 5.-7.2.
2. group Tue 17-18.50 Laajavuori free style (skate style) advanced 5.-19.2.

Instructort: Bela Pavelka (groups 1 and 2), Henrik Enke (group 3)

Beginners: Basic skills in cross-country skiing.

Advanced: Advanced skills in cross-country skiing.

You can borrow a pair of skiis from the University Sports for the group 1 and 2 (not for group 3; You have to have your own skiis for the free style course.)

Registration starts for the 1.  group on 13.1. and for the 2. group on 22.1. and for the 3. group on 22.1.


Nordic skating

22 € + skate rent once

Wed 16-19 L209 lecture 9.1.
on some lake some day on January, depends on the weather

Instructor: Teemu Tenhunen

First theory about Nordic skating and security issues. Skating trip, when the lakes and ponds freeze over.

The course requires good skating skills. Each participant must have a 30-litre backpack with a waist tie, ice awls and two complete outdoor outfit sets. Ski poles are also necessary. Normally also ice poles are needed on Nordic skating courses, but ski poles have been sufficient on the University courses.

On the course, students get familiar with the structure of ice and how to read it, the equipment, safe moving on ice, planning and realizing a skating trip, having skating as a hobby and the skating locations of the Central Finland.

The course includes two or three parts. It starts on 22 November with a three-hour lesson about safety, equipment and places to skate. Further actions will also be agreed on the lesson. A four-hour skating trip will be agreed separately in accordance with ice situation.
According to interest, it is possible to practice falling through the ice and rescuing yourself either in connection of the skating trip or in a separate session.

We borrow the skates from the sport club KENSU. Price is about 10 euros.

Registration starts on 26.12.


28 €, 3 classes

Tue-Thu 17.45-19.35 Laajavuori in English 22.-24.1.

Instructor: Anni Laakso

Your own equipments or borrow them from Laajavuori. If you want to rent equipment from Laajavuori (15 €), be there before 17.The class starts 17.45. Course fee doesn´t include lift fee. Ski lift 15 € (+key card 6 €). Lift is used (or not) only last day.

Registration starts on 8.1.

Swimming techniques

55 €, 8 classes

Wed 19.45-20.45 UH (25m) 9.1.-27.2.

Instructor: Antti Rantanen

The course is for learning different swimming techniques, like breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Also basic turn and some jumps.

Prerequisites: You need good basic skills of swimming.

Registration starts on 26.12.