Martial arts



free of charge, starting 14.1.

Mon 18.30-20 KG/karatehall
Thu 18.30-20 KG/karatehall

Instructors: Janne Heinonen tel. 045 6762606 and Jaakko Vilmusenaho tel. 0400 983483
Organized by: Jigotai ry

You can start until 14. February.


Further information: Janne Mönkkönen 040 7189869


15 €, 5 times

Mon 19.30-21 R 28.1.-25.2.

Organizer: Ryutokai ry

Kendo is a Japanese budo art where the use of the Japanese sword is practiced with the help of traditional Japanese protective gear. During the beginner's course you will learn how to practice the basics of Kendo in a safe manner together with everyone. Kendo is widely practiced in schools and universities and also e.g. in the police in Japan. No special equipment is needed on the course and the organizing club will provide the swords for the duration of the course. The course fee includes an insurance until the end of the year and the payment will be done after three training sessions. Registration and additional information: ryutokai(at) or Facebook

Registration starts on 14.1.


Shorinji Kempo

15 €, 5 times

Wed 18-19.30 R 20.2.-20.3.

Instructor: Timo Mäki-Kuutti

Registration starts on 6.2.



15 €, 5 times

Mon 18-19.30 R 4.2.-4.3.

Instructor: Janne Laine

Registration starts on 21.1.