Contemporary dance

44 €, 10 classes

Wed 17-18 K 20.9.-29.11. (not 18.10.)

Instructor: Minna Nerg

Contemporary dance is a self-willed type of dance which eludes definitions, both borrowing from and transcending other dance and art forms.

On this course, we shall study movement in an effort to find our own natural ways of movement and expression. The course consists of following but also creating short dance routines, and doing dance technique exercises. Technical virtuosity however is not expected. Please come as you are and proceed with a curious mind!

Level: mid

Registration starts on 6.9.

Korean Pop Dance

22 €, 5 classes

Tue 18-19 RS beginners 23.10.-20.11.

Instructor: Jinyoung Choi

K-pop is a modern form of popular music in South Korea, which was influenced by different genres of music around the world (Western pop, rock, jazz, Latin, hip-hop, R&B, electronic dance, folk, classical, etc.) with traditional Korean music at its roots. There are numerous artists and bands in K-pop, such as BTS, SNSD, Bigbang, EXO, Blackpink, and so much more (including Psy with his song, Gangnam Style!). With many K-pop artists, choreography and their dance performance is a very important part of their music, to which fans can follow and make covers of. In the course, you will be able to learn fun and easy choreographies of some K-Pop songs. We will only cover the choreography of chorus parts.

Registration starts on 9.10.


Pole dance

33 €, 3 classes

Tue 20.15-21.15 Ready Set Pole 25.9.-9.10.

Instructor: Ready Set Pole's instructors, info(at)

This beginner course consists of three separate classes, on which we get to know the basics of pole dance. On the course you learn to do steps ja spins around the pole and we also practice to sit and stand on the pole. After this course you can continue the hobby.

Registration starts on 11.9.