Course info and payment

Sport courses


Course participation requires registration in Sisu. Once the registration is done, it is compulsory to participate in the course. 

Course fee

For further information: Prices and info . The sport sticker is not required.

If you cannot participate in the first meeting of the course, you have to inform the instructor or the Academic Sports´ staff (  in time otherwise you can lose your place in the course.

Cancellation of the participation

If you can not participate in the course, you need to cancel your registration in Sisu system. Cancellation has to be done seven (7) days before the course starts. After this the cancellation can not be done. We do not return the course fee.

The course fee has to be paid if there is no cancellation. 

Information for course participants

Participants of the courses are informed by mailing list in Sisu. Please check that your e-mail address is right in Sisu. We may send some extra information before and during the course.

Sport course with credits


To get acquainted with different kinds of sport disciplines organised in the facilities of the University of Jyväskylä and the City of Jyväskylä. These optional courses are for all students of the University of Jyväskylä.

Completion mode

A student needs to participate in 15 classes (90 minutes each, 22.5 hours in total). A student can choose from different sport disciplines according to his/her schedule and preferences from the selection offered in the YLIY programme during each term. During summer term we are not offering YLIY classes and a student can get one or two stamps from our summer courses for the blue participation card. The student can take one sport discipline maximum of two times. At least one of the sessions needs to be a lecture, maximum number of lectures included is two. The lecture can also be compensated by writing a two page learning diary of the YLIY classes. In the diary the student should give critical evaluation and feedback of the course. The student can complete only one YLIY course per term, but a course can also be completed during a longer period of time than one term.

The course is free of charge. You don´t need to have a sports sticker.

The programme


Student needs to register in SISU for each individual sport class. In addition, the student needs to get a blue participation card for the course from the Academic Sports Office, in which all the sessions are recorded with the date, sport discipline and the stamp of Academic Sports given by the teacher of each class. If there are no one at the office, the cards can be picked up from the janitor's desk in main lobby in building L or from the table located next to L172 sports office. The full participation card needs to be submitted back to the Academic Sports´ Office (L176 or L172) in order to receive the credits for the course. Optionally you can take a picture of the card and send it to korkeakoululiikunta(a) Title the e-mail with YLIY DONE. 
The registration starts two weeks before and ends the night before the class.

The sessions are meant only for those who will complete the whole course.If you are on a waiting list, check the participation situation of the session until it starts. You can´t participate if you are on a waiting list.

Some courses are arranged via Facebook Live -streaming or another streaming service. Remember to register also to these livestream sessions. As you wish to get a part credit for the YLIY sports course you must send a short description and feedback about the course immediately after the streaming session ends to the address korkeakoululiikunta(a) Add "YLIY LIVE: name of the course" to the subject line of your message. 

It is important that a personal data (email and phone number) is updated in Sisu.


If you can not participate in the YLIY class, you need to cancel your registration in Sisu. Please notice that if you cancel your registration from the exercise group after a valid period for cancellation has expired, it doesn’t cancel your registration from the actual class and you need to contact Academic Sports´ office. Cancellation has to be done three (3) days before the session. If you need to cancel your participation later, contact the University Sports´ office by sending e-mail to korkeakoululiikunta(a)


The student will receive 2 credits of the course, no grade will be given.