Sport courses

Aqua aerobic

32 €, 7 classes

Fri 7.45- 8.30 Aalto Alvari swimming hall, 25 m pool 3.5.-14.6.

Aqua aerobics in the deep water with different kind of equipment.

Instructors: Kaisa Ahvenus, Mimmi Turpeinen and Vilma Pikkupeura

Registration starts on 26.3.

Ballroom dances

20 €/person 4 classes

Mon and Tue 16.30-18 Liikunta, RS Rhytmic hall 13.5.-21.5.

In Finland we have special dancing houses and pavilions where the people who like social dancing use to go and enjoy dancing eg. walzt, tango, foxtrot, fusku, bugg, etc. Anybody is welcome to go there alone or with his or her own partner.

In our short dance course we will dance tango, waltz, fusku and bugg.

The Finnish tango is quite different from the tango in Argentina. Our tango is more slow and  calm. It might look even boring for outsiders. Anyhow tango can be seen to reflect the Finnish mentality, melancholy and cultural history. Finnish tango dance as well as tango music has always had a special place for Finnish peoples.

The Finnish waltz is traditionally a little slower than the original wiener waltz and quicker than the slow English waltz. The participants in our dance course are free to make a decision wether we will practise  ”normal waltz” or slow waltz – or maybe the both (Both of them would be great as a wedding waltz).

Fusku is a Finnish easy version of the American rock-dance; jive. The figures in fusku are the same as in jive but the basic step is more simple.  Many quick ”foksi ” music pieces are easy to dance by using the steps and figures of fusku.

Bugg is the youngest of these four dances in Finland. It has become popular in our country during the last 20 years. It is a Swedish version of American style swing dances. Typical for bugg are ”change places” and ”under arms” -figures. You can use many same figures which we will learn already in fusku class. The basic step in bugg is easy walking step in 4/4 timing. Welcome to dance alone or with your own partner!

Instructor: Pipsa Nieminen

Registration starts on 29.4.

Canoeing trip

20 €, 1 time

ti 16.30-22 Pier of hotel Alba (lake Jyväsjärvi lake) - Island Kalasaari, (lake Päijänne) 11.6.

Ohjaaja: Bela Pavelka

Canoe tour departs from Mattilanniemi, Hotel Alba pier. After a short introduction to the secrets of canoeing we pack into the canoes and leave towards Päijänne. Depending on weather conditions, paddling time to Kalasaari island is about 80-120 minutes. There we have a rest, heat up the sauna and enjoy them. We can also go to swim. For the works with the sauna, your active participation is needed (chop the wood, lit the fire, fill water tank, etc). At the campfire, meanwhile you can enjoy your food you brought with you. After we had enough, on the evening we depart from the island to arrive back to Mattilanniemi before ten. Don’t be afraid if you have never tried canoeing. Professional guide will escort and advise when needed. Canoes are for 2-4 people, and crews are going to be made on equal basis. You should dress to appropriate outdoor clothing to the weather. Bring with you a full set of exchange dress in watertight package (sealed plastic bag, for example) swimsuit, towel and good mood. Have also food and plenty of non-alcoholic drink, what you like to the campfire.

Registration starts on 13.5.

Rowing (long boat/church boat rowing)(about 25 km)

17 €, 1 kerta

Wed 16.30-21 Pier of hotel Alba, (lake Jyväsjärvi lake) - bay Teerilahti (lake Päijänne) 5.6

Instructor: Anneli Mörä-Leino

25 km rowing in the long church boat of 14 rowers. Break in Äijänniemi (on the bay Teerilahti) for eating (what you have with you), swimming. We see lakes Jyväsjärvi and Päijänne, many islands. If you perform the sport course with credits you can get 1 stamp.

Registration starts on 13.5.

SUP (Stand up paddling)

15 €, 1 class

Wed 17-18.50 Beach Kivelänranta, lake Tuomiojärvi for beginners 12.6.

Instructor: Bela Pavelka

Dress according to the weather in light outdoor cloths. For sure, bring along a full change dress, including socks, shoes and towel. As footwear I recommend you to have thin soled gymnastic shoe or “avantotossu”. Optionally you may be in the kayak wearing only socks on your feet.

If you perform the sport course with credits you can get 1 stamp.

Registration starts on 13.5.


34 €, 4 classes

1. group: Mon-Thu 16.15-17.45 Outdoor tennis courts between Lozzi and U2 building for beginners 20.5.-23.5. (day in reserve 24.5.)
2. group: Mon-Thu 16.15-17.45 Outdoor tennis courts between Lozzi and U2 building for advanced 3.-6.6. (day in reserve 7.6.)

Instructor: Timo Kauranen

Course for the beginners:
Basics of tennis.

Course for advanced:
More game and techniques.

If you want to borrow a racket, fill the form. If you are performing the sport course with credits, you can get 2 stamps from this.

Registration for group 1 starts on 6.5. and  for group 2 on 13.5.