Application for sport shifts for students and staff

Tennis shifts from campus tennis courts during summer 2020

Students and staff of the university can book one hour tennis shifts from campus tennis courts. You can book one shift in a week. 

Book a tennis shift

Please be careful while booking, don´t delete other players shifts. Remember also to cancel your shift if you are not able to come and play. You can find different weeks from different sheets. To book a shift you must have a username of the university and also access to Office 365. If you don´t have an access, please contact HelpJYU.


Student groups can borrow for their events

  • Balls (beachvolley balls,  indoor footballs, footballs, basketballs-, handballs, volleyballs, Finnish baseballs, shuttlecocks, floorballs-, tennis-balls and gymnastic balls)
  • Frisbees
  • Rackets for Finnish baseball, badminton and floorball
  • Mölkky game, petanque
  • Compasses
  • Mats