Academic Sports summer term services 2020


Academic Sports summer term starts on 1st of June. It is important for us to provide diverse but safe services to our clients in these exceptional circumstances. We want to arrange possibilities for students and staff to get together safely in sporting environment. Our services for summer term include free sport shifts, group fitness classes, ball games sessions and online services. We have extended some of our services to keep going until 6.9.

Summer term services are available with an academic year sports sticker and sport sticker for spring term 2020. If you don’t have a sports sticker yet, you can buy a one for summer term (costs 20€) from our webshop.


Services for all students and staff (no sports sticker required):

  • Paddling offer:
    available 1.6.

    Tavinsulka offers two in one –price discount for its services. Please take your student or staff card with you to get the offer.

Services available with sports sticker:

  • Outdoors Yoga
    available 1.-28.6. and 1.8.-6.9.
    Tuesdays 9-10
    Thursdays 17-18

    Yoga strengthens body, challenges balance, enhances mobility and calms mind. The focus of the class is on safe and correct poses as well as the wellbeing for body and mind.

  • Outdoors Functional training classes:
    available 1.-28.6. and 1.8.-6.9.
    Mondays 17-18
    Wednesdays 18-19
    Fridays 9-10 (not 19.6.)

    Meeting in front of CF40100 –gym, address Ailakinkatu 5.
    Challenging training, which aims to develop performances such as endurance, strength, mobility, explosiveness, balance and coordination.

  • Outdoor Mobility classes:
    available 1.-28.6. and 1.8.-6.9.
    Wednesdays 19-20

    Meeting in front of CF40100 –gym, address Ailakinkatu 5.
    Classes consist of diverse stretching and mobility workouts. The aim is to improve mobility and muscle balance.

  • Outdoor fitness exercises:
    available 1.8. on.
    Tuesdays 19-20
    Thursdays 19-20

    Group fitness classes are being arranged at the grass field near Mattilanniemi campus area.

  • Outdoor football sessions:
    available 13.7.-6.9.
    Mondays at 17-19
    Wednesdays at 17-19
    Sundays at 15-17

  • Yogobe:
    available until 31.8.

    Yogobe is an online video streaming service. With Yogobe You can yoga, meditate, workout or relax wherever and whenever.

  • Tavinsulka:
    available from 1.6.
    Mon-Fri at 9-12

    Tavinsulka (taking place at Tuomiojärvi beach) offers 25 % price discount from water sports services to those who have paid the sports sticker of Academic Sports.

  • Gym at Monitoimitalo:
    available from 1.6. on, Mon-Fri

  • Gym at Rentukka:
    available from 1.6. on, Mon-Fri 7-23

    For Rentukka gym you need a key card which you can get from the info desk at Rentukka (open on Mondays, Wednesday s and Fridays at 12-15).



  • Trail running course: coming in August

  • Beach volley courses:

    Course 1. Pass and receive: Monday 15.6. and Wednesday 17.6. at 10-11:30
    Course 2. Attack and defense: Tuesday 23.6. and Thursday 25.6. at 17-18:30

    These beach volley courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced players. One course consists of two sports sessions and it costs 12€.
    Registration in Korpppi: Course 1 ja Course 2

  • YLIY course with credits: paddling course 3.6. in co-operation with Tavinsulka


Online services:

  • uMove goes YouTube: Our group fitness classes instructors are providing video training sessions in our YouTube channel.

  • uMove LIVE: A few more Facebook live –sessions are being arranged in Academic Sports facebook page in May.



Free services for staff:

Tips for more sports in Jyväskylä area:

  •  Orienteering possibilities: Suunta Jyväskylä, Vaajakosken Terä, Vihtavuoren Pamaus

  •  Find company for sport shifts from Jyväskylän korkeakoululiikunnan pelikaverit group in Facebook   

  •  New outdoor gym is building up and should open in June near Mattilanniemi campus area

  • Break Pro: an application to help you to remember to keep breaks from working
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