A teaching staff member of JYU - Apply for wellness coaching

The teacher wellbeing project will be implemented as a pilot of HR Services to promote the University’s strategy and the “University community that promotes skills, creativity and wellbeing” development programme.

Apply for wellness coaching for teaching staff


The project will bring together and make visible existing activities that support teachers’ wellbeing and experiments new ways to support the wellbeing of teaching personnel at different stages of their careers.

“The project aims to promote the wellbeing of our teaching staff,” says HR Coordinator Saara Minkkinen from HR. “During the project we will conduct various experiments at JYU and with our partners. We will pilot new activities and expand services for the University staff based on the experiences of the teaching staff.”

As part of the project, Academic Sports in Jyväskylä will pilot the provision of personal trainer services to staff. This type of coaching services have been asked from the Academic Sports for a long time. The personal trainer services will be implemented in cooperation with academic personal trainers graduating from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

In the first experiment, the project will provide wellbeing coaching to 40 teaching staff members. Wellbeing coaching will be implemented in partnership with Firstbeat.

“All members of teaching staff who feel they need support for taking care of their wellbeing can apply for the 11-month coaching,” says Minkkinen.

The coaching will begin in December 2019 and will continue until October 2020. It includes Firstbeat welfare surveys, webinars, and personal feedback. More info about the project, schedules and registration in Uno.


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