Classes for staff

Sports for staff

Summer season of Academic Sports starts 1.6.2020

You get access to our group fitness classes with a spring, summer or academic year sports sticker. Classes can be seen in the schedule of group fitness.


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Spring term 9.1.-26.4.2020
Free classes for staff of JAMK and JYU

Mon 16 Kettlebell Palloilusali in building L Mari Vilska not 6.-13.4.
Tue 16 Circuit staff Palloilusali in building L Mari Vilska not 7.4.
Wed 8 EASY Yoga Voimistelusali in building L Jenni Ruuth
Wed 16 Ashtangayoga JAMK Eeva Rantasuo not 5.2., 26.2. and 15.4.
Thu 15 Lavis Voimistelusali in building L Heli Pekkarinen not 26.3. and 9.4.
Fri 15 Stretching Voimistelusali in building L Niina Jormakka not 10.4.
Fri 16 Circuit JAMK Mari Vislka not 10.4., 28.4.

You can find the content of the classes from Class descriptions -page.
Circuit staff class is only for staff members, other classes are together with students.
Staff members can also participate in all group fitness classes and ball games with a paid sports sticker. More about the sports sticker from Prices and info.