Group fitness classes

uMove's group fitness classes autumn 2023

Follow these easy steps to join uMove's group fitness classes:

1. You can join us any time of the year by buying our membership. After the purchase your mobile membership is activated. Please note that the new memberships for season 2023-2024 activate on Sept 1st. 

2. Create an account in our booking system and book your place. See instructions for bookings.

3. Check out where the classes are arranged in the booking calendar

4. If you're joining us for the first time, please read the group fitness info page.  There you'll find more info about our facilities, etc.

4. Change your clothes in the changing rooms and leave your bags, etc. in the lockers.

5. If you're joining a class at Liikunta (L) building, get the equipment from the storage room L149. There's a whiteboard next to the storage and the instructor will write down the equipment that you'll need in the class.

6. Be ready to show your mobile membership before each class.

7. Have fun in the class!

8. Return your equipment to their places.

9. If you wish you can give uMove feedback by filling this form.

Enjoy the classes!