Group fitness classes

Spring  season 2022 starts January 17th

We've had to make some changes for the first weeks of our spring schedule due to the covid situation. We will start with online live stream classes, outdoor classes and small group classes at the gym of Liikunta. You can find the schedule and book classes in our registration system

Online classes

Live stream classes are being arranged via live stream in a private Facebook group ”uMove live”. If you wish to join this group you need to provide a screenshot of your mobile sticker or a receipt from your sports sticker payment to our email: with a title "uMove live" and send a request to join in the Facebook group “uMove live”.

If you wish to use Yogobe online service, send an e-mail to with a title "Yogobe" and attach an image of your sports sticker to the e-mail. You will receive instructions and a personal code which you can use to sign up to the online service.

If you wish to use both online services, send an e-mail with a title "Yogobe & uMove live"

Please notice that we will deal the requests from Mon-Fri some time between 8 am and 4 pm.

We've added outdoor classes

The meeting place for the outdoor classes is campus field in front of the U2 building.

This is how you can join our classes:

  • Buy the sports sticker. The sticker will show the day after the purchase. 
  • Register to each class in advance in the registration system. You first need to create a new account to the service. Registrations can be done earliest seven days before each class. Registrations must be cancelled at least 2 hours before the classes starts - please remember to cancel your booking if you're not coming!
  • The classes of CF40100, Klub1 & Yarnanta are reserved through their own registration systems. Follow the instructions.
  • For the swimming + gym at AaltoAlvari you don't need a reservation. 
  • STAFF classes are for the JYU and JAMK staff. Staff members can join them by buying a sports sticker.
  • Be ready to show your sports sticker and a valid student / staff card in every class. You will find your sticker here
  • You can see changes and cancellations of the classes and register to the classes in the registration pages.
  • Please see all the instructions before attending to the classes for the first time.

When the situation allows we will start live classes again. See the classes below and stay tuned for information: 

The schedule in PDF format