Sports Fee - Detailed Instructions

Guide on how to pay and show sports fee receipt.

Liikuntamaksun mobiilikuittiInstructions on how to save the receipt on your device for easy access

Example of a sport payment receipt, showing person's name, semester (with color code) and QR-code for easy scanning and checking the payment information if needed:

There are several ways to access and show the receipt:

  • A. You may access your email and show it there
  • B. You may save the receipt as a pdf-file to the device or some service (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
  • C. You may take a screenshot of the receipt and save it as an image to the gallery in your device. You do not need internet to access your images. Taking a screenshot is easy:
    • iPhone: Open the receipt. Press simultaneously Power-button and Home-button. The screen flashes and the image is saved.
    • Android: Open the receipt. Press simultaneously Power-button and Home-button or Volume Down and Home-button until the screen flashes and the image is saved.
  • D. You may print the receipt and show it on paper. Prefer color copy, the receipt includes certain color for every semester and it is thus easier to inspect.
  • E. You can also download the receipt and, for example, send it to your email: Log in on the sports payment website
    The link to the receipt is visible under the title “Description and receipt”. Click the link to download the receipt.

  • F. You may save direct link to the receipt to the home screen of your device. By clicking the link, the receipt opens directly without need to login in or open email. See more instructions below (iOS): 
  1. Open receipt from your email and select share-button.
    Mobiilikuitin tallennus 1

  2. Select Add to Home screen.
    Mobiilikuitin tallennus 2

  3. Rename the link to Sportspayment
    Mobiilikuitin tallennus 3

  4. The link is then show in your Home screen
    Mobiilikuitin tallennus 4

Same login applies to Android devices. You will find "add to home screen" option from the menu in your email.